Dawn Schulz & John Hein



Rev. Jonathan Hein and Dawn Schulz


In the heart of every woman beats the desire to do what God created her to do. She knows God has given her talents, ideas, skills, experiences, and creativity for use in his kingdom. In joy and confidence and according to God’s design, she desires to use them for his glory.

Unfortunately, this longing is often unmet. While many Christians are leaving the church at alarming rates, exit surveys from women leaving WELS congregations show they left because they were not allowed to participate in congregational ministry in a way they perceived as meaningful. In other words, they wanted to stay but were not certain what their role was.

Without straying from God‘s Word and his design, how can we best steward the gifts God has given us through the women he’s blessed us with? In this presentation, we’ll have a candid conversation with Rev. Jonathan Hein, coordinator for WELS Congregational Services, about how to better identify and utilize the ideas and gifts of women in ways that abide by Scripture principles for men and women.



Rev. Jonathan Hein

John HeinJonathan is a 1997 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Upon graduation, he was assigned to a home mission in the Charleston, S.C. area. In his twenty years there, he helped start two congregations. He has served as chairman of the South Atlantic District Mission Board as well as a member of the Executive Committee of WELS Board for Home Missions. In 2014 he was called to be the director of WELS Commission on Congregational Counseling. In that capacity, he works with congregations and schools to assess and plan gospel ministry efforts. In 2017, his duties expanded to include serving as coordinator of the six commissions that make up WELS Congregational Services: Congregational Counseling, Discipleship, Evangelism, Lutheran Schools, Special Ministries, and Worship. Jonathan is married to Rebecca, who teaches in their home congregation in Waukesha, Wis. They have two sons, Caleb, who works in finance, and Joshua, who serves in our nation’s Air Force.

Dawn Schulz
Dawn SchulzDawn Schulz would much rather sit down with you for a long talk than write this description. She also has a keen understanding that God places her where HE wants her to be and she tries to make the most of every opportunity for God’s kingdom. Because of this, Dawn has many varied ministry experiences. Over the last 20 years, Dawn has taught women’s bible studies, hosted retreats, counseled women through crisis situations, mentored young Christian women, and shared the love of Jesus at Christmas with the 100+ women who attend Advent by Candlelight each year. Now she serves as Chairwoman of WELS WM.  Seeing God work through his Word to heal broken marriages, save wayward children, bring hope to those left by a spouse, and defeat the imprisoning effects of depression is truly one of the greatest joys in her life. 

Another great joy is her family. She and her husband, Pastor Joel Schulz, live in Delray Beach, Florida. She is able to work alongside him in her position as Campus Coordinator for the 5 campuses of Divine Savior Church. They have 4 beautiful children (1 got married!) who are all at various stages of emerging adulthood. They travel, play games, laugh, and have deep discussions whenever they can.