Donn Dobberstein



Rev. Donn Dobberstein


On Holy Thursday, Peter got called out by a servant girl and caved in to fear. Days later, he’s standing as spokesman before a crowd of thousands, boldly saying, “Jesus is Lord and Christ.”

In this breakout, we will track Peter’s journey from fear to boldness and apply it to your journey. What’s holding you back? What does an “emboldened you” look like? What impact could this have on relationships God has directly placed you in? What if there were practical resources to help you on your journey? Empowered by the Spirit and gifted with grace, you can change, just like Peter.


Since growing up in Lutheran parsonages throughout the Midwest, Donn served mission parishes in Topeka, Kans. and Port Orange, Fla. for twenty-two years. Additionally, he served on the Nebraska District Mission Board and South Atlantic District Evangelism Commission. In 2004, he was appointed to the WELS Commission on Evangelism and served as chairman from 2007-2017. He has presented for the WELS Schools of Outreach, Telling the Next Generation workshops, and past National Conferences on Worship and the Arts. In November 2017, he accepted the call to be director of WELS Discipleship (a merger of adult discipleship and youth and family ministry). Donn is married to Beth, an art teacher in the Palmyra-Eagle, Wis. school district where they live. They have four children.