Kathie Wendland



Kathie Wendland


This study of Acts will be an interactive overview of Luke’s letter to his friend Theophilus with a focus on “empowered” by the Holy Spirit “to proclaim” the message of Jesus the Christ in settings and circumstances among brothers and sisters in Christ, friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Session 1 will discuss the kingdom of God and the work of the Holy Spirit and what that means to us as 21st-century witnesses.

Session 2 will then consider many of the witnesses who testified as recorded by Luke and the application to us today as Jesus’ witnesses in various situations for which the Lord has prepared us.

Note:  The Bible will be the “textbook” for this study. Be sure to bring one with you to both breakouts. Also, there will be recommended sections of Acts that will be very helpful to read prior to the breakouts. Taking advantage of the opportunity to read those sections ahead of time will enhance the discussion for everyone in the group.


Kathie grew up among six siblings on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Her Christian parents modeled and taught their children to keep focused on the one thing needful and to proclaim the message of Jesus formally and informally in whatever situation in which the Lord placed them. Kathie has been privileged to serve in three U.S. states and four countries of the world, putting her nursing skills to work in a wide variety of settings. In the course of her journey, she encountered countless souls of all ages who knew nothing of God’s love for them and what Jesus did for them, in addition to Christians who needed to hear again what they already knew well.

A goal in her life came to be to know Jesus and Scripture so well she’d always be prepared to give an answer, with gentleness and respect, for the hope she has had her entire life to anyone who needs to hear it.