Steve Hansen



Steve Hansen


We all experience firsthand the world that we live and work in: a world that does not recognize Jesus as Lord of all creation—a world that does not acknowledge the saving work of Jesus, saving work that has rescued us from our sins and through faith promises eternity with him in heaven. And that is just the beginning. We live in a world that is still governed by the words of our Lord God in Genesis 3 to put hostility between those of the world and those who put their trust in Jesus. And we can sure feel that hostility. It is not easy. It is not fun. And it perplexes us when we try to understand what we may have done wrong to earn such treatment . . . perplexes us until we return to God’s Word and lean on Jesus instead of our own understanding.

In such a world that is openly hostile to Jesus and his followers, how are we to be effective leaders in our vocation, that station in life the Lord has assigned to us? How are we to honor our Lord with our decisions, plans, strategy, and approach when these can turn those we collaborate with against us? We all hold tight to the promise of our place being secure in the kingdom that is coming. But how do we have confidence to lead in our world when so many openly criticize what we stand for?

In this presentation, thoughts and experiences will be shared that will provide some leadership guidance in how to approach such situations and reflections that point us back to Jesus, our strength in time of need. This side of eternity there are no remedies to end such difficulties; however, we can draw lessons from God’s Word and apply them as we put our faith into action in our vocation and life.


Steve Hansen is a business executive, engineering leader, and technical innovator in the medical and industrial x-ray device industry with the demonstrated ability to generate organizational vision, transform into executable plans, build and inspire team support, and deliver new and exciting commercial products.

Steve has held numerous leadership roles with increasing responsibilities, including President of Nikon X-Tek Systems, Ltd. (UK); Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Tribogenics, Inc.; Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Oraya Therapeutics, Inc.; and Vice President of Research & Development at Xoft microTube. Previously, Steve spent 15 years at GE Medical Systems in various roles of technical and organizational leadership including Manager, Global X-Ray Source Engineering, and Manager, Technical Development—Emerging Markets.

A technical expert in x-ray source design, production, and commercialization, Steve has over 35 U.S. patents related to x-ray source technology and the use of x-radiation in diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Steve holds foundational green-field patents in x-ray generation and has founded a company to grow this technology. Steve has a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He has been awarded the GE Dushman Award and was named the UW–Milwaukee College of Engineering and Applied Science alumni of the year. Steve has numerous performance awards and has publications on electronic thin-films.

Steve is the president of Gloria Dei in Belmont, Calif., and has served as the Arizona-California district lay representative on the WELS Synodical Council since 2012.