Mike Berg



Rev. Dr. Michael Berg


In this session we will explore the power of water in Scripture, the impact of baptism, and how this precious sacrament connects believers to Christ. The Scriptures are dripping wet. There is water everywhere. This water jumps off the pages of the Bible and into the hands of a pastor on onto a sinner now made a saint. This adoption into the rich family of God is a one-time event, but its ramifications are felt every day. In fact, it ushers in a baptismal life.



Rev. Dr. Michael Berg is an associate professor of theology at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, Wis. He is the author of Vocation: The Setting for Human Flourishing (1517), The Baptismal Life (Northwestern Publishing House), On Any Given Sunday (1517), and an upcoming volume entitled Peter: Theologian of the Cross (Northwestern Publishing House). He is also co-host of the podcast Let the Bird Fly! He is married to Amanda and together they have three daughters.